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RV Anawrahta

shin arahan cruise

The Ship Anawrahta paddle steamer on the Irrawaddy in Burma (Myanmar)

Launching Year: 2014
Number of cabins: 20
Standard: 4 star
Port of call :Shwe Kyet Yet Jetty

With the Anawrahta’s arrival on the Irrawaddy, we hit the spot - a grandiose ship cruising on a grandiose river.

 The Irawaddy has remained unchanged in decades. Riversides dotted with a myriad of white and golden pagodas along the meandering Irrawaddy. People and traditions remain defiantly unaltered by modernity. Relive the days of the old Burma – just like Kipling and Orwell embraced it – in our treasure-filled expedition through the Land of Gold.

Our expert cruise consultants are available to answer any queries you may have about travelling the Mekong River and the Anawrahta Cruise Ship, Call +84912217448 and we can assist with all of your travel needs.