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Promotional CodeDetails
March and April 2020 discounts Promotions for the Lost Civilization in March and April 2020 
Summer 2020 promotions Mekong cruise promotions in Summer 2020 
SC2021Jay Short cruise promotions in 2021 
INDO-16 Vietnam and Cambodia 16 days 15 nights 
DJC-10 (year round) Downstream Mekong River 10 days 
DJC-11 (year round) Downstream Mekong River 11 days 
DJC-12 (year round)  Downstream Mekong River 12 days 
DJC-13 (year round) Downstream Mekong River 13 days 
JAH-13 (year round)  Jahan 13 days Classic- upstream 
JAH-12 (year round)  Jahan 12 days Classic- upstream 
JAH-11 (year round) Jahan 11 days Classic- upstream 
JAH-10 (year round) Jahan 10 days Classic- upstream 
Showing 12 items