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Promotional CodeDetails
MK19-Raf Hotel and Cruise 7 days 6 nights 2018-2019 
MK18-SM31 Summer 2018 promotion 
CAM2018Sp Cambodia short cruise specials 2018 
INDO-16 Vietnam and Cambodia 16 days 15 nights 
DJC-10 (year round) Downstream Mekong River 10 days 
DJC-11 (year round) Downstream Mekong River 11 days 
DJC-12 (year round)  Downstream Mekong River 12 days 
DJC-13 (year round) Downstream Mekong River 13 days 
JAH-13 (year round)  Jahan 13 days Classic- upstream 
JAH-12 (year round)  Jahan 12 days Classic- upstream 
JAH-11 (year round) Jahan 11 days Classic- upstream 
JAH-10 (year round) Jahan 10 days Classic- upstream 
Showing 12 items