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Important information for bookings

Important information for bookings Jahan and Jayavarman cruises on Mekong River

What is the difference between Upstream and Downstream?

  1. Upstream and Downstream indicate the direction the ship travels. 
  2. Downstream means from Siem Reap to Saigon, whereas upstream is the opposite direction from Saigon to Siem Reap.

What is the difference between Low Water and High Water season?

  1. Low water season: The water level goes decreases greatly in the Tonle Sap, so the vessel must dock in Kampong Cham for embarkation and disembarkation. It takes 4.5 hours for our coaches to transfer to the meeting point in Siem Reap (Victoria Angkor Hotel).Low water season is approximately from mid-November to late August (exact dates vary yearly).
  2. High water season: The Ship is able to cruise along the Tonle Sap lake and dock near the Siem Reap pier. It takes 45 minutes for our coaches to transfer to the meeting point (Victoria Angkor Hotel & Spa). The embarkation and disembarkation of the ship will take place near Siem Reap pier.
Approximate dates for high water season are from late August to mid-November (exact dates vary yearly).
Please see our Lower Mekong Embarkation and Disembarkation guide for meeting locations and schedules.

Do I need to arrange visa before arriving in Saigon or Siem Reap?

For most foreigners visas are needed for both countries. Please check with the Vietnamese and Cambodian embassies in your country.

  1. For upstream cruises (Saigon to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap), the ships can support you with arranging a Cambodian visa on arrival.
  2. For downstream cruises (Siem Reap or Phnom Penh to Saigon), a visa for Vietnam must be obtained before arrival in the destination. the ships are pleased to help you with a pre-arranged Vietnam visa.

Is an E-Visa accepted in Vietnam and Cambodia?

Please note that both Vietnamese and Cambodian E-Visas are not accepted for waterway entry to either country.
Passengers who wish to obtain their own Visas before the trip must apply directly at a Cambodian or Vietnamese Consulate or Embassy, or by other methods, that will allow them to receive a normal Tourist Visa-for the country they will enter into on the water.

  1. For upstream journeys (Vietnam to Cambodia) a Vietnamese E-Visa is acceptable for entry by air to Vietnam-but for the water way entry to Cambodia, a Cambodian E-Visa is not acceptable.
  2. For downstream journeys (Cambodia to Vietnam) a Cambodian E-Visa is acceptable for entry by air to Cambodia-but for the water way entry to Vietnam, a Vietnamese E-Visa is not acceptable.
Passengers who have obtained E-Visas-for the country that will be entered by water-will be required to apply for a new visa onboard and pay all fees.

What does the tour include?

  1. General Inclusions All cruises include group shore-excursions, entrance fees, transportation, tour guide services (English speaking), taxes, fuel, river pilots, port dues, transfers in from/to the meeting point to/from embarkation/disembarkation point or vice versa. Food and beverages includes full board. Mineral water, coffee/tea (from jug) is included all day. Fresh fruit juices are included in addition during breakfast and afternoon tea.
  2. Exclusions Port tax per passenger of US$ 65 (levied by Vietnam and Cambodia Port authorities and port taxes appear on our invoice). Crew gratuities (US$ 8- US$ 10 per passenger/day are recommended) and fuel surcharges if any (see terms and conditions), Credit card fees (3.3 %), banking fees and high season surcharges (US$ 180- US$ 210/person on Christmas and New Year Days)